design and development practice of Tommi Vasko.

For more speculative and research based work see:
lowEROI a research collective with a shared interest in the ongoing energy-metabolical rift and the emerging creative practises of the post-fossil future.
the BodyBuilding Project a collective of artists, theorists and practitioners organizing context-conditioned public events about emerging sensibilities, subjectivities and relational capacities we might develop in response to the planetary urgencies we are currently facing.
Trojan Horse a summer school for (graphic) design and architecture students providing tools for students to understand their own activities and significance in broader social contexts.
+ some essays and texts...

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Recent Work:


Visual identity and webdesign for a Helsinki based conscious sexuality festival. Together with Anni Puolakka

Attention Spa Moon Animation

svg-animation development for artists Anni Puolakka and Jenna Sutela

Design and development of the BodyBuilding Project web interface.

Competition Data Analysis

an infographic about “personality types” of contemporary architecture for Martti Kalliala and Guggenheim Helsinki.

Secret Words and Related Stories

Book design for artist Jonna Kina

The Finnish Lion

Research project about re-designing the finnish national identity.

Design and development of a portfolio website for artist Susan Kooi.

Space Scrap

3d-animation for a video by artist Jenna Sutela

Disengaged Observer -outifit

An outfit about outsiderness for Disarming Design from Palestine -project.


music video for Echo + Seashell


Web development for an artist collective k.i.beyoncé

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X-mas calendar development for an artist collective k.i.beyoncé

Nearness animation

loading animation (virtual bonefire) for a performance by artists Anni Puolakka and Jenna Sutela (image by Annna Mikkola)

I have to change myself to remain the same

Google maps based website for an artist collective k.i.beyoncé

Portfolio web development for architect Martti Kalliala.


Website and animation development for artist Melanie Bonajo.

I don't want any past

Flag designs for artist Susan Kooi.


Wine label for artist Susan Kooi.